VLC Media Player

This page describes how to use VLC Media Player to play video from XBStationPilotApp

Step 1: Download and Install

VLC for Windows

VLC for Mac OS X

Step 2: Settings in PilotApp

After connecting camera to XBlink, Open XBStationPilotApp -> Camera Settings.

  1. Internet connection: TCP

  2. Video port: 5602. (Optional)

  3. Video Source: Please select a kind of camera.

More information about configuring camera, please see here.

Cameras and Gimbals
  1. Press to TURN ON button.

Step 3: Edit xbstation.sdp file

Go to XBStationPilotApp folder -> Search file "xbstation.sdp" -> Right Click -> Edit in Notepad

Follow the instruction as below to edit xbstation.sdp file

  1. v = 0 (Please don't change)

  2. m=video <Video Port>RTP/AVP 96

Remember <Video Port> must be same Video Port in PilotApp.

Example: "m=video 5602 RTP/AVP 96"

  1. c=IN IP4 (Please don't change)

  2. a=rtpmap:96 <Encoder>/90000

if Video Source is Siyi -> Encoder : H265

Example: "a=rtpmap:96 H265/90000"

if Video Source is XBCam V2-> Encoder : H264

Example: "a=rtpmap:96 H264/90000"

Finally, Save and close it.

Step 4: Open xbstation.sdp file

Right Click to file "xbstation.sdp" -> Open with -> VLC Media Player.

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