Post-Flight Analysis

Analytics for delivery business is most important part of overall service. Delivery analytics like flight time detail, flight map, flight data, performance logs and so on helps delivery business to get in-depth understanding of each delivery.

Flight List

The flight list shows all of the flights. This is a paginated list that can be sorted and filtered using the controls at the top. The flight list stat the flights in the specific time:

  • Number of flights

  • Total flight time

  • Average flight time

  • Distance

Flight Detail

Flight Detail can be opened by:

  • Selecting a flight from the Flight list

  • Open the flight detail in streaming page

This page will show all of the data associated with a flight. This includes:

  • Summary information

  • Delivery trip

  • Vehicle log

  • Network Log: This log is to show the current network information, the cell tower that the this flight connected to.

  • XBLink Performance monitoring

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