Flying and Testing

This section guide you how to safety achieve PL with XBLink

Follow 3 step:

  • Flight with debug mode to make sure vision landing work

  • Flight without debug mode - Drone will move when detect Tag

  • Tuning for smooth landing

Note: Flight test with Precision Landing is quite dangerous. So Please carefully before doing it. We are not responsible for any damage caused by Precision Landing. Recommend flying test with Dev Drone.

Flight with debug mode

In debug mode, the XBLink will only process image and send the video streaming with marker information (x, y, z, latency, marker Id). XBLink will NOT send the mavlink command to flight controller.

Image processing will be activated immediately without any conditions.

  • Open Pilotapp -> Precision Landing Tab

  • Enable Active and Debug

  • Uncheck Enable send land mavlink command

  • Apply to save para

  • Take off 3-5m in Hover Mode

  • And see dectect ID, altitude and para on ground control station. If it dectect ID and altitude nearly same real altitude. It mean vision landing is good.


Flight without debug mode

After Flight with debug mode with good result, you can allow xblink control your drone for PL

  • Disable Debug mode

  • Check Enable send land mavlink command

  • Allow PL on Loiter Mode, RTL mode and Land mode.

  • Apply to save para

  • Take of 7 m in Hover Mode

  • Move Drone above Tag and switch to Land mode.

  • Drone with move by XBLink controller (you will see PL enable on your Ground cotrol station) . if the drone is jerky or unstable. Switch back to hover mode.


If the drone is jerky or unstable, we need to adjust some para:

  • Make sure Size mappings are measured correctly.

  • Adujst X/Y Angle Landing Factor (The movement of drone for each processed image)

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