Advanced Configuration

Camera Setting

a. Video Port

Destination video port, Mission Planner and QGroundControl supports video in HUD by default on port 5600 (or 5601, please see on XBSationPilopApp)

b. Video source

Video device, default is /dev/video0

c. Camera connection type

  • UDP (default): to archive minimize latency

  • TCP: method to achieve high reliability and anti grey-video on QGC


  • If you use MP, highly recommend UDP

  • If you have grey-video on QGC, please change to TCP before turn on video

d. Video Quality

Note: Video streaming is start with auto quality (1280x720 pixels and 24fps with XBcamera )

  • FPS: Frame per second

  • Bitrate: number of bits that can be either sent or received per time unit (kbps), default 0 is auto

  • Resolution: resolution of stream video, you can change it during fly

NOTE: You need to Turn OFF camera and Turn ON camera again to apply the change

Telemetry Setting

a. Port

TCP telemetry server port, Ground Control Station can connect to this port via TCP to get telemetry data, default is 5760 (or 5761, please see on XBSationPilopApp)

Change port number and click "Restart" button to change TCP server port

b. Connection

Telemetry data is relayed through internet in 2 connections method:

  • UDP to archive minimize latency (possible packet loss, suitable for Joystick mode)

  • TCP method to achieve high reliability

Serial Setting

a. Port

Port allows you to choose serial port on companion computer

The companion computer will show all available port (ttyS0, ttyUSB0, ttyUSB1…). You have to choose exactly serial port. If you don’t know name port, you can try them one by one.

With Rasp pi:

  • Choose ttyS0 (default) when you connect pi – pix via Direct Cable or Stable Power Module, XBStatiom 4G LTE Module

  • Choose ttyUSB0 when you connect pi – pix via USART USB

b. Baudrate

Baudrate allows you to choose serial baudrate on companion computer

The baudrate on companion computer have to same the baudrate (telemetry 2) on Pixhawk

  • With PX4: SER_TEL2_BAUD (Default 921600), you should change 57600 for stable and save data.

  • With ArduPilot: SERIAL2_BAUD (Default 57, it means 57600), SERIAL2_PROTOCOL: 2 (mavlink 2)

(If you have problem with Telemetry 2 port, you can use Telemetry 1 Port (Default baud rate Telemetry 1 is 57600 and SERIAL1_PROTOCOL = 2))

Gimbal Setting

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