This article provides basic guidelines for configuring telemetry and stream video by XBCamV2


  • User Name

  • Password

  • Server: https://server.platform.xbstation.com:8007 (Default)

Note: Account is attached on your XBLink Plus box. If you don't have account, please contact us.

Connect to Telemetry data

  1. Open QGroundControl -> Comm Links -> choose TCP type

  2. Enter Host name/ip: (default)

  3. Remote port: 5760 or 5761 (remember it must be same Telemetry Host Port in PilotApp)

For telemetry instructions and more information, please click to here!


Connect to Video Streaming

XBCam V2

  1. Open QGroundControl -> General -> Video Settings

  2. Video source: UDP h.261 Video Stream

  3. UDP Port: 5600 or 5601 (remember it must be same Video Port in PilotApp)

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