XBStation supports cloud-based offering for package delivery operations.

You have drones that meet your operations demand, from the best manufacturers. We provide the onboard device, cloud services to manage your fleet, delivery operations to achive the high-quality products at scale and low risk.

How It Works

  1. Attach the package to the drone: Copter supports a number of different grippers which can be useful for delivery applications and bottle drops.

    Please follow this link to setup the gripper:

    You can use our customized GCS to release/grab the gripper: Release/Grab Gripper

  2. Plan the delivery mission: Plan a delivery mission with our customized QGroundControl, the vehicle can go to waypoint A, do precision landing and disarm to pickup/drop package. Then continue after land, and go to another waypoints and do the same job like waypoint A. Please refer to this link to explore how to plan a delivery mission: Plan a Delivery Mission

  3. Track the live location and video of the drone: - For customer: You can send a shareable link to customers with a specific start time. The streaming interface will be play on web browser without the need of any prerequisite of plugins to be installed. Please refer to this link to explore the streaming sharing feature and how to generate it: Streaming Sharing - For admin, coworkers: Monitor multiple vehicles, track the telemetry, location and video of multiple drones in a single web interface. Please contact us for more detail.

  4. Drone go to customer location, autonomous precision landing, and drop the package: - Precision landing is triggered autonomously when the current waypoint is land or RTL item. Please refer this link to explore more detail about the precision landing feature and how to setup it: Precision Landing - You can use the GCS to grab or release the package by using gripper: Release/Grab Gripper

  5. Drone to to Launch location and autonomous precision landing

  6. Post flight: Video and telemetry analysis Drone and payload data can be synced either post-flight, or during the flight with LTE connectivity.

How to setup

  1. Your Drone

  2. Mount the XBLink on your drone

  3. Setup precision landing system: Initial Setup

  4. Get started with your delivery operations using GroundControlStation

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