XBStation Platform For Internet Drone Base On Real Time 4G/5G Connectivity

XBStation is a solution for streaming video and controling UAV via internet (3G/4G/5G cellular network). XBStation has been designed to provide the drone applications for delivery, surveys, security, ambulance and emergency response with low latency and reliable data transfer.

It include 3 main parts:

  • XBLink: XBLink is the companion computer of your UAV, combine video streaming, networking, cellular connection in one small factory design equipment.

  • XBCloud: Fleet management and real-time monitoring center

    • Admin/Manager: Manage pilot accounts, analyst flights, real-time tracking drone

    • Guest: Only watch the drone flight information and video information

  • XBStationPilotApp: Software on your station to control XBLink and transmit video and telemetry streaming from XBLink to Ground control station software (MissionPlanner, QGroundControl, ...)

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