GoPro Camera

This article demonstrate how to setup and config GoPro with XBLink 5G

Hardware Setup

  1. Connect XBLink 5G to your GoPro via USB type C to type C cable (supported OTG).

  2. Turn on GoPro and power up XBlink

  3. The screen of GoPro show you notification is "USB connected", then "WEDCAM"


How to get Serial Number of GoPro

You can get your serial number of GoPro as below link.

Open XBStationPillotApp and follow to instruction:

  1. Internet connection: TCP

  2. Video Port: 5601

  3. Video Source: GOPRO

  4. Series: Please fill out 3 last digit of your serial number (example: 988)

  5. TURN ON.

Ground Station


  • Open QGroundControl, Change Source section to MPEG-TS (h.264) Video Stream as below.

Video tutorial

For more information, please see a video as below

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