XBLink is 4G LTE Connectivity for UAVs. Perfect fit with Cube. Designed for Ardupilot ecosystem.
XBLink is a Plug and Play hardware for BVLOS Flight based on Real time 4G LTE connective.
To discover XBLink, we need to understand the main components:
  • XBlink Hardware: Companion computer combine cellular networking equipment and power module in one small factory design
  • XBFirm process: a set of softwares base on Linux making an platform for live streaming and control telemetry data. It is also designed to easily integrate other functions, e.g. Gimbal/Payload control, computer vision, AI, UTM, ...
  • XBLinkApp(Wifi Hotspot): Web interface to easily configure and communicate with XBLink without touching and wiring. You can connect XBLinkApp via Wifi hotspot from your phone, table or PC.
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