This section contains the firmware uploading of XBLink


There are 2 methods to update new firmware for XBLink:

  1. Flash Firmware via hardware: new device, need to login after flash

  2. Upgarde Firmware via software: update software, not need login after update

Method 1: Dowload Firmware

XBLink Firmware (XBFirm): Contact us

Release Note

Tool: Link

Flash Firmware:

This section will guide you how to flash new firmware of XBLink:

  1. Turn on "Boot"

2. Connect UPGR USB port to your PC by USB cable

3. Turn on Rpiboot, sys led will be solid

4. Power On XBLink ( plug battery)

5. Flas new firmware with Win32DiskImgare


Method 2: Upgarde Firmware

Upgarde new firmware via wifi hostpost