XBStation makes geo-tagging easy by recording the vehicle position during the flight.
XBLink writes the image file name, vehicle position(lat, lon, alt) and attitude(roll, pitch, yaw) into a tagging.txt file at the moment the photo was taken. User can download this file into their PC from pilot app any time (during the flight or after the flight).
Example of tagging.txt file
User can import this tagging.txt file into photogrammetry softwares (such as Pix4D) to geolocate the images.

Enable the Geotagging mode

To enable the geotagging mode, you just go to the Sony Camera tab on XBStationPilotApp and tick the Geo Tag checkbox.

Download the GeoTag file

in XBStationPilotApp -> Sony Camera tab -> GeoTab tab, click the Get GeoTag List button, It'll list all of the tagging.txt file with image name, lat, lon, alt, roll, pitch, yaw lines in the XBLink.
Download the GeoTagged file