Quickstart Guide

This section provides a Quickstart guide

When you received XBLink, all software has been installed, you can check your credential on your box. Note: Please do not install any software or flash XBLink

  • Insert your nano SIM card

Insert nano SIM to XBLink
  • Connect LTE antennas

Note: Be careful with the antenna port. Remove or Install it in a straight angle. We are not responsible if the antenna is damaged due to physical impact

Connect LTE antennas to XBLink
  • Connect Flight Controller

Connect Flight Controller to XBLink
  • Connect Camera

Note: For another payload via CSI or HDMI, please conntact us

  • Power

More detail, follow this section: https://docs.xbstation.com/xblink/quick-start

Step 2: Connect Flight Controller

The baudrate on XBLink must be same with Pixhawk baudrate (Telemery 1 or 2).

  • For ArduPilot: SERIAL1_BAUD(Default 57, it means 57600), SERIAL1_PROTOCOL=2 (MAVLink 2)

  • For PX4: SER_TEL2_BAUD (Default 921600), you should change to 57600.

Note: If you have problem with Telemetry 2 port, you can use Telemetry 1 Port (Default baud rate Telemetry 1 is 57600)

Step 3: Connect XBStationPilotApp and Ground Station Software

  • Open XBStationPilotApp

  • Login

  • Connect to GCS

More detail, Follow this section: https://docs.xbstation.com/xbstation-pilot-app