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XBStation is a solution for streaming FPV video and controling UAV via internet (wifi, 3G/4G/5G cellular network). it includes: open hardware on drone (PX4 and ArduPilot) and software on ground. XBStation has been designed to provide the drone applications for delivery, surveys, security, ambulance and emergency response with low latency and reliable data transfer.

Supported Flight Controllers

  • Supported all Aupilot Flight controlder (including Pixhawk 1, Pixhawk 4, APMx and Cube)
  • Run on PX4/Ardupilot Firmware

Supported Companion Computers

Supported Cameras

  • CSI camera (ex: Raspberry camera V1, V2, ...)
  • USB camera (ex: Logitech C270, Logitech C920, ...)
  • HDMI Input B101 (tested with Gopro, RX100...)

Supported Ground Control Stations

  • QGroundControl
  • MissionPlanner
  • Custom GCS (Contact)

How It Works

XBStation How It Works diagram