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  • Companion computer: Rasp Pi 3 B/3 B+, Rasp Pi 4
  • Flight controller: Pixhawk, Cube, Pixhawk 4...
  • XBStation 4G LTE Module ( )
  • Micro SD card: Minium 8 GB, and Class 10
  • Camera: Pi Cam V1, Pi Cam V2, Logitech camera ( C270, C310, C510, C720, C920 etc...) and others CSI, USB camera.

Connect Raspberry Pi to your Drone


Connect Raspberry Pi to Pix

Setup with XBStation 4G LTE Module

For easly Setup Hardware, we create XBStation 4G LTE Module

XBStation 4G Module

XBStation 4G Module LTE

Configuring Pixhawk Autopilot

The baudrate on companion computer must same the baudrate (telemery2) on Pixhawk

Turn on Ground Control Station ( Qgroundcontrol or Mission Planner) and set params: - With PX4: SER_TEL2_BAUD (Default 921600), you should change 57600 for stable and save data - With ArduPilot: SERIAL2_BAUD (Default 57, it means 57600), SERIAL2_PROTOCOL: 2 (MAVLink 2)