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Ground Stations

If you have already Ground Control Station software, skip this step * MissionPlanner: (Link Download) * QGroundControl: (Link Download) * GStreamer x86_64 (Link Download)


Video Tutorials

  • XBStationPilotApp - MissionPlanner: link
  • XBStationPilotApp - QgroundControl: link


  • User Name
  • Password
  • Server: (Default) Login XBStation Pilot App

If you don't have account, Click here to register free 1 month account


1. Choose XBServer:

XBStation provide a built-in server for people who want to quick setup and no need more secure, which doesn't ask for any complicated configuration like VPN.

Connect XBStation Pilot App

2. Click 'Connect' button

Connect XBStation Pilot App

Message field:

  • Not connect
  • Ready: connected to server and waiting data from Rasp Pi
  • No Signal: Not receiving data from Rasp Pi
  • Connected: Station is connected to Rasp Pi

RSSI Status ( Received signal strength indication of 4G LTE)

XBStation Signal strength

Note: If work only with XBStaiton 4G LTE module

Change Windows Display Size

Change size - Lagre Pilot App - Medium Pilot App